Employment? Yes!

[note: this was formerly on my MySpace blog on this same date ... I'm ditching MySpace for reasons mentioned on 3/16/2010 and copied this here]

Ok, I could still be jinxing this but I don't think so. Only things that could still go wrong:

1) Pee test comes back with a false positive

2) Background check comes back and freaks about my pending deferred judgement in the stupidest court case I've ever been involved in (ok, its the ONLY one I've been involved in ... and no, I'm not writing about it until October 24th when its done).

3) They look at it and go "hey, he never SAID he had his degree but we just assumed" and toss my 10 years of related experience out the door.

Pessimistic stuff out of the way? Yep.

Yes, this means I finally have gainful employment starting on October 1st. I'll be Wall Street on Demand's newest Technical Project Manager. They're essentially a .com that provides market trends and charts and similar stuff to all of the large financial web sites (thought they generated their own content? nope). But not really a .com since they started the business back when faxes were the rage in communications.

Its not paying a TON, in fact its only about 55% of my last regular job. Enough to pay the mortgage but not the mortgage and the bills that remained from the divorce (credit cards mostly) and miscellaneous living expenses. But, I've found a way to manage it ... refinancing the house interest-only until the Spring when I can get it on the market. Yeah, in THIS market I'm refinancing for a larger loan, but not alot. Just enough to kill that 1 card and a couple of smaller debts. In the end it will be about $700/month less outflow which IS enough for this job to pay all the bills and still let me pay more than $1.50 a meal (which has been my running target for the last 8 months while I blew my savings staying afloat).

If I don't sound happy trust me I damned well am. I'm ECSTATIC. My brain had gone places beyond sanity the last 2-3 months as my bank account was hitting bottom and I never want to go back there again. It is unbelievably relieving. I won't get to travel like I have the last few years, but I won't be at risk for going under or having the house foreclosed (no, I'm not a victim of the sub-prime mess, just coincidental timing).


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