"Describe your day"

[note: this was formerly on my MySpace blog on this same date ... I'm ditching MySpace for reasons mentioned on 3/16/2010 and copied this here]

Someone asked me to tell them what I did today. I was bored and wrote way too much. What do you do when you write too much? Yep, blog it.

And explaining what I did today really -won't- give you any idea of my normal day-to-day life, but its interesting anecdotally.

I woke up 2 hours early to drive to Denver (I live in Nederland) to go to civil court to make sure my deferred judgement for a concealed weapons charge was disposed of as expected. No, I'm not a gun toter, I had a knife in my luggage that I forgot about when I tried to clear DIA security back in March. I spent 30 min in the court that my other 2 appearances were in only to find they'd moved and I was in some other court. They didn't know which address the court was in, only the intersection, so I wandered around until I found the intersection. Then I spent a few more minutes entering random city buildings asking if they had any court rooms. Once there I spent a few minutes sitting to hear "you don't need to be here, case is over" (which is what I was expecting, but didn't want to be a no-show if I DID need to be there).

On the way home (I took the day off work) I somehow timewarped 3 hours between Lowes and Flatirons Mall. Bought a reciprocating saw ("sawzall" clone) so I can tear up another part of my house in a quixotic quest to make it less of a fixer-upper. Went to LensCrafters to exercise my new vision insurance only to find that the difference between their sales price and the insurance discounted price (they don't apply sales to insurance claims) was negligible. And oh my! Glasses have gotten quite expensive. I had Lasik a few years ago and was good with an old pair for a long time. I'm talking $560 after the insurance claim for 1 new frame and 2 pairs of lenses (1 pair of lenses for my old glasses to become sunglasses). I knew I didn't go the cheap route, and I'm not regretting it since I'd rather have good glasses (I don't need them for computer work or restaurant dining with someone, but do if I want to see much past that without blur), but ouch. I went for no-line bifocals (not to add more correction but so that I don't have to take them off to get rid of the correction, like when reading something in the car without over-correcting) so that was a good chunk of the cost.

Had lunch, drove home, and am answering some work emails and working on some data entry. Its my first day out of the office since starting a new job a month ago. I'd been a remote worked for the last 10 years but after just a couple hours working from home this afternoon I'm realizing I -don't- miss it and am wishing I was in the office. I never figured myself to be social enough to notice it before.

And that's my day.

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