New blog, old posts

Well I've decided to move my occasional and random bloggings again. I've had blogs in a few locations, none with more than 4 or 5 posts. Recently I've started using Facebook alot to connect with old friends but Wall posts aren't the same as blogging at all.

So I'll be trying to find some of my other posts and re-posting them here. That means the continuity of the site will be a bit odd, since this is technically the first posting but there will be posts that show up with earlier dates.

I also post some things on Google Documents, since its easier to write and edit there in some cases, and I can post to this blog by sharing those documents. Pretty handy. Right now I'm just setting things up.

There is no agenda to my blog. I'll post random weirdness that has happened to me, or a good recipe if I've done something worthwhile, etc.