Love the Krystal

I found myself in Atlanta this week on a fairly unexpected business trip. Many people would take a business trip as an excuse to grab expensive food. Not me ... or at least not this trip.

I arrived just before midnight on Wednesday night. Got my car. Got the GPS going. Used the iPhone and looked up a Krystal on the way to the hotel. So many Krystals on the interstate are 24 hours that I didn't even ponder this one being closed. But ... yes ... it was. CURSES! Foiled again.

The next day after my business meeting was over you know what I did. Into the GPS I go. So what if it was only 3pm, I had skipped lunch for this!

15 minutes later I'm blissfully "snacking" away on 2 cheese Krystals (no pickles), a Krystal Chik, and (just to REALLY over do it) 2 Double Krystals with cheese (I swear I only ordered 1 ... the woman taking the order "just knew").

Sidebar: I miss the South :( I know alot of people who haven't lived there don't "get" the area ... but you can actually leave a drive-through with a smile just because the person taking your order had a good attitude and sense of humor plus a big smile. You just don't get that other places. I have plenty of -pleasant- experiences with service everywhere, but only in the south is my spirit raised by the attitude most people have.

Heck ... tell me the last time THIS happened to you. I was staring at the traffic on Peachtree and cringing. It was backed up a mile ahead and half a mile behind. So what did I do? I started sorting my bag of amazing little cheeseburgers. I wasn't even looking at the road. Some stranger saw me waiting there, stopped their car (blocking traffic behind them so that I could get out) and waited for me to look up (which was a good 20 seconds, a lifetime in the traffic pattern) so that I could get out. Here in Colorado you might get that if you eyeball all the people in traffic but if you take more than 3 seconds to start moving then you lose your chance. And most other places? You're just gonna be waiting until a traffic light shows you mercy.

Anyway, back to the food! Krystals are one of those foods best enjoyed in 1 manners:

  1. While driving
  2. While drunk
Needless to say the 2 SHOULD be mutually exclusive. Since I hadn't had a drink in a couple of weeks I did the only thing left: I ate on the road. Where was I going? Nowhere. I had hours to get to to the airport (there is irony in that fact ... since this WAS Atlanta traffic). I didn't even turn on the GPS. I just started munching away and enjoying the traffic. Oh yes, this was like a little homecoming. Too bad I didn't have enough time to digest the meal before getting to the airport later that night (sadly for the person next to me during the 3 hour flight, too, but luckily she was a sleeper).

NOTE TO KRYSTAL MANAGEMENT: PUT A KRYSTAL IN THE ATLANTA AIRPORT PLEASE! I've had fresh Krispy Kreme in the airport in Sydney, Australia ... surely I should be able to get Krystals in the Atlanta airport!

It is funny, since when I first moved to Alabama in 1991 I wouldn't THINK of eating at Krystal. I spent 4 years deftly avoiding Krystal even when when it was so late at night that there were only 2 options (needless to say I ate a lot of Taco Bell in those days). Then ... one day ... I caved. My life was never the same since.

Yes, I know just how low the quality of the meat is. In fact I know first-hand since one time in 2003 my (now ex) wife went to Tennessee to visit her parents and I convinced her to stop at a Krystal and buy a full, uncooked, 20-burger pack of meat and buns and keep it in an iced cooler all the way home. I'm not kidding, that 20-pack of patties had enough fat that, when rendered, filled almost 2 mason jars. I was tempted to make tallow candles but decided people would be a bit too disgusted by the candles smelling like onions and hamburger.

I can't explain it. All I know is this: I'm probably better off with no Krystal available to me (I'd have to drive 600 miles ... and I have been known to go an hour out of my way on roadtrips to get some). But I'm not happier because of it :)

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