Moving to Oklahoma? Yep.

Okie doke here's a major update: I'm moving. My residence is currently in Colorado (and has been for 7 years or so). If you're in Oklahoma and wondering why I say I live in Colorado but have Oklahoma listed it is because I'm moving that way ASAP. Looking for rentals now (but hoping I can sell my house quickly so I can just buy one in OK).

Choosing Oklahoma over Colorado? Yeah. Odd choice even for me. But my parents/sister/brother/nephew/niece are in Norman and much as I've tried to talk them out of it over the years they just ain't gonna move. I didn't put down a bunch of roots in Colorado, my parents are starting to have some health problems, I love hanging with my sister and brother (in-law), and I want to watch my nephew and niece grow up. So ... this time the mountains lose the fight :)

I still work for Cisco (who bought the Pure Networks in August 2008) and plan to stay at it. My boss is great and has been very understanding about the move (I have always worked remotely so it really won't impact my job much except for fewer choices of flights when I need to travel).

I do have my backup plan started for when I finally do leave the computer field. If all goes well I've got a pretty good fund going for starting a business in Norman with my brother some day. But for the forseeable future I'm enjoying this job and well ... they pay darned good.

Nederland is a great town, but I WON'T miss 6-7 months of snow and sub-freezing temperatures. I -will- miss not needing an air conditioner.


  1. It's the right choice and I am so happy you are moving toward what you have always wanted! Here is hoping the house sells as quick as it can and for what you want. Get out of the cold and enjoy life with the family :) *hug*

  2. Have you found a house yet? We have a 4 bed 2.5 bath in Mustang that we are selling.


  3. Doh. Andrea ... very sorry. I didn't see a notification of this comment. Yeah I had already found a place by that point anyway.