Mortgages are a pain in the &*#&!

I'm tired, this will be short and scattered.

* My mortgage agent didn't respond to my emails well for the last week. As in days without replies. Finally got a note from her 3 days ago that I was being assigned to a new agent because she got a promotion. She emailed it to me and the new agent. Too bad she didn't -call- the new agent and tell her this. So I spent 3 days not getting any replies and not knowing the new agent's phone number.


* The people selling my house have 2 mortgages. The company that owns the second mortgage was contacted by the title company over 2 weeks ago to get a pay-off number. They said 'in 7 days'. 7 days later they claimed to never have gotten the request (even though the title agent has a confirmation number from the first request) and said 'in 7 days'. The only reason I even know this is because I asked the mortgage agent to confirm with the title agent that everything was set to close on Monday. The title agent hadn't told me. The sellers hadn't told me.

So ... is THIS why a real estate agent can make 3% commission? Just because people can't be bothered to get off their butts and do their jobs without constant baby-sitting?

End result: if the title company can't get the pay-off number from the seller's mortgage by tomorrow, I can't close on the house come Monday. And if I don't close by -Tuesday- my mortgage application is expired unless I start paying a weekly fee to keep the rate I had.

And if I hadn't been spending most of this week nagging my mortgage company ... and the title company ... and now the sellers? It would have just fallen through without me knowing a thing until I arrived in Oklahoma with a U-Haul full of stuff. Which kills me given how much I've been busting ass to clean/pack and get all my finances in gear ... and probably pissing off my boss for how little I've accomplished lately at work.

Which reminds me, I guess I need to cancel the U-Haul tomorrow unless the paperwork all comes in.

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