AT&T / Apple's app policies are plain inconsistent.

So ... it's well known that Google Voice applications have been killed off of the iPhone app store. For the most part I think we can assume this was due to AT&T. The official reason being given was that the apps "duplicated functions already on the iPhone".

Someone please explain to me how, then, the "Comcast Mobile App" not only hasn't been killed off ... but also is in Apple's "Featured" Apps? Right now it is on the "Featured" category under "New".

While the Comcast offering isn't the same as Google Voice, many of the same duplications occur. What doesn't occur? SMS. And even Google Voice apps that did not have SMS were yanked.

Apple ... AT&T ... your motives are obvious. And you're going to lose customers over stuff like this. Customers who pay close to $100/month. Is it really worth squeezing us over SMS messaging?

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