Open note to CNN.com regarding video ads

I emailed this to CNN.com ... but I also know that that probably gets tossed in the bit bucket. This is MY bit bucket for Google to index and all to see, even if only a few do.

The amount and length of the ads CNN.com places before video segments has become prohibitive.

* Much more of your content is video based now

* To watch even a 15 second clip (not counting replays of the same thing ... like the Stupak baby killer video) I have to watch a 30 second advertisement.

* To watch another clip I have to watch another advertisement.


> Shorter clips.

> Longer clips only on longer videos

> Track how many ads I've seen recently so I don't have to see a new one just to watch another short clip. A 4:1 ratio of ad length to clip length (cumulative) is the max I'm going to go for.

> Vary the ads ... seeing the SAME ad over and over is horrible

> Seek out ads that aren't identical to the ones we see on TV

> Examine the Hulu model of letting us choose the style and length of Ad we want

Until then, I will just keep closing windows as "not worth it", and start looking for my news elsewhere. Like I just did when I was going to have to watch 30 seconds of Donald Trump and his impersonator -again- just to see if 4 servicepeople made good music. I'll never know. Or if I do know ... I'll know by watching them somewhere else.

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