Rage against the Parking Machine

So after a show that Darien did in Denver, I walk out to find a parking ticket ... even though I had paid and put the ticket on my dash for the attendant to see.

Will I get my $3 back? Maybe, maybe not, I don't really care. I'm just tired of companies that do this kind of thing. Mike, one of the show organizers, said it had happened to him recently. He got out of it by faxing receipts. But how many people also get overcharged by these guys regularly?

I'm mostly just feeling impish and wanting to see if they will rage at me or actually do something to fix the situation. In all likelihood I'll completely forget about reporting it. Unless they rage :)


Attached to this email please find:

* SCANNED documents:
a) Ticket issued on 3/10/2010 for parking at 16th and Wazee for "No Payment in Advance" for stall #15
b) Receipt for paying for parking in advance showing parking valid from 3/10/2010 through 3/11/2010

* Photographs:
a) Showing that the receipt was prominently displayed on my dashboard.
b) Showing that the parking violation was placed in a way that made it very easy to see that the receipt was displayed.
c) Showing that your signs show the wrong cost for all-day parking compared to the charge on the receipt.

... Note that these are low resolution images as a courtesy due to emailing, I am happy to provide megapixel resolution photos on request. Other than resizing the images, no manipulation has been done to them.

Please void this ticket and respond to this message stating it is void. Failure to void the ticket in 7 days will cause me to issue written complaints in this form with my supporting evidence to the City of Denver along with a request for information on how to complain to your licensing organization.

Furthermore please NOTE that the sign on your parking lot shows that the max fee for parking is $12. Yet your receipt clearly shows I was charged $15. Additionally I am told by the organizer of the event I was vending at that this exact same thing happened to him recently in your lot, showing a clear pattern of problems.

As such, please refund my $3, via check, to:

Geoff Baysinger
PO Box 1322
Nederland, CO 80466

And show evidence that your machine is either reduced in charges to $12 -or- that you have changed your sign to state the new daily maximum price.

Failure to refund my $3 -and- show photographic evidence of fixing your sign within 7 calendar days (allowing an additional 2 days for mail) will cause me to report this as charge fraud to the City of Denver along with all credit card bureaus that are listed on your sign. While $3 won't matter to me, I would expect this would initiate an investigation of all similar charges by your lots. If pursued by either the City of Denver, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover I would be perfectly happy to testify in this matter. Please note that refunding this $3 does not guarantee my lack of reporting to the mentioned agencies, my final decision will be based upon the level of courtesy shown by your response.

Geoff Baysinger

PS. I probably never would have noticed the overcharge if your parking attendant had not given out this improper ticket.


  1. Their auto-response on 3/11/2011:

    Out of Office: Written dispute for Ticket # 00539803 along with complaint of charge fraud.
    1 message
    PRRappeals Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 4:42 PM
    To: Geoff
    Thank you for contacting Parking Revenue Recovery Services, Inc.. One of our team members will respond to your inquiry within 5 business days. While your parking notice is in the appeals process, we recommend that you do not make a payment until your issue is resolved, as we do not issue refunds. If your appeal is denied and you emailed PRRS, Inc. within 14 days we will still honor the $20.00 reduction of payment. We appreciate your business.
    Parking Revenue Recovery Services, Inc.
    23 Inverness Way East, Ste 170
    Englewood, CO 80112
    (303) 794-9922 P
    (303) 733-9802 F

  2. Their response ... 11 days later:

    On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 9:35 AM, PRRappeals wrote:
    Thank you for your email,

    We were able to verify your payment and have dismissed this notice. You now have a $0.00 balance.

    This matter is now closed.

    Respectfully, Stephanie

  3. So ... at this point I've filed a complaint with the City of Denver, investigation is pending.