Does anyone LIKE Quicken Loans?

2 months ago my loan got transferred from GMAC to Ocwen. No problem, updated payment, everything was quiet. Now Quicken is buying our loan and in 6 weeks I've spoken to 2 different agents who cold-called me trying to get me to refinance (umm, hey, idiots, my loan rate would be lower and you already HAVE my loan, so obviously this is just trying to shark me for fees). I finally sat on the phone for 15 minutes to let them get their spiel down before I told them to quit calling me.

In that same time I received deadtree spam not once (PO Box) but twice (the other came via FedEx??). Both the same spammy flier not actually containing the information I need to send my payments to the right place. This one claimed I am eligible for HARP (Home Affordable Refinance Program) loans because my house is worth less than my loan. Which is completely not true anymore. Maybe it was a couple of years ago.

Then today I go to the post office and am told that I have a First Class letter from an address I don't recognize but because the person who mailed it to me put it in a Priority envelope I had to pay $4.48 postage due. We have multiple legal things (selling house, insurance messes, etc) so I paid the $4.48 and opened it and guess what was in it?

That's right: another flyer from Quicken telling me they would own my loan soon and I should refinance. Again with no information about payment.

So I called and explained it. Lucky for me I have a scanner. So they just got a scan of the documents with a request for a check for $4.48. Not because $5 is going to make or break us but because if I didn't do that I'm sure the idiot in their mail room would keep doing this to other people.

PS. This is the second time ... for the same house ... that the loan has been bought by Quicken in 10 years. They must really love me. I didn't like them then either. I may well refinance. Just to get away from them.

PPS. Wow, almost 2 years since I used my blog instead of ranting on Facebook directly.

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