My impending move

So yeah, I'm leaving the tall mountains of Colorado and fairly soon. The reason why is simple: my immediate family is in Norman, OK and much as they sounded like they wanted to move over the years it won't be happening. I'll definitely miss Colorado BUT I'll get all my vacation time (which was mostly spent visiting them) back to go see Colorado and all the other places I want to.

Progress so far is such:

* I've found a decent house. It is an old fixer upper (yes yes, I know, I keep saying I'm done with those). Built in 1941 and had the same owner through 2006 when she passed. A family with 5 kids bought it then and their dog did a great job tearing up the yard (which was good for me, I think that people drove by and drove on). It is situated right next to a TALL brick building (a catholic church's rec center) and across from a large open field playground for a middleschool. What does that mean? Low cooling bills and few neighbors ... both good for working from home. And if I keep my butt moving fast I should get the remodelling done this year. I'm quite sure the house will sell for 20% over what I'm paying once fixed up a little so I have a good budget to play with.

* The house is cheap enough that I can afford to pay on both places while my house in Colorado is on the market, so I'm buying -first- and then getting this place on the market.

* I got the loan approved today, pending all the typical appraisal hooplah, so at this point it's just red tape holding up buying ASAP. The family there wants to move as soon as they are able.

I'll be back in the area in a couple weeks for my class reunion (in Wichita, about 3 hours north) but I may cut my time in OKC short that week to have more time during moving week. Not a lot of point of spending a ton of time there when I can't do anything with the house yet.

More to come ...

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