Social Networking Confusion!

So I think I've found a pattern that will work.

1) I use Ping.fm to post updates. I used Loopt from my iPhone for awhile but it pretty much only updated Facebook and Twitter. Ping.fm is updating EVERYTHING. I do miss the location option from Loopt though (it would allow me to quickly paste my area based on my iPhone location). A Ping.fm app with location services ... hmmm ... should be doable.

2) I linked Facebook to my blog (this) with the Simplaris Blogcaster facebook app. So all my blog posts there should show on Facebook. Meaning anything that isn't a Facebook-specific note (like viral notes) will get posted on my blog not as a Facebook native note (I wish Blogcaster had an option to paste them as FB notes instead of links).

3) I use my blog (aleatorical.blogspot.com) to archive ALL of my posts. This is good because I have a record. It is bad because my status updates are double-posted on Facebook and people never really know when a blog post has extra content. I might change this, not sure. It would be nice if Blogger had a way to post multiple types of notes so that Blogcaster could only show 1 type.

4) I use Facebook pretty regularly. ALL of the other sites (MySpace, Plaxo, blah blah blah) are just shallow mirrors of my status using Ping.fm.

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